Diabetes Care Enables Bolivian Father to Provide for His Family

don antonio 3Don Antonio is able to care for his family again after receiving life-restoring treatment for his diabetes from Direct Relief’s partner in Cochabamba, Bolivia, El Centro Vivir Con Diabetes (CVCD).

After 15 years living without treatment for the disease, Don Antonio began to lose his vision – which was detrimental to his ability to provide for his children and grandchild as he earns a living from sewing and tailoring clothing items.

Don antonio 1Without the ability to see, he couldn’t continue his work. And without the ability to work, he could not afford the expensive medicines he needed.

Through CVCD, which provides quality diabetes care regardless of a person’s ability to pay, Don Antonio was able to gain access to the insulin he needed and learn more about maintaining a proper diet for diabetes. Over time, with regular treatment and visits, Don Antonio was able to recover his sight.

“I am very thankful for the services I have with CVCD. Now I can continue to care for my family,” he said in an emotional interview with staff.

Since 2008, Direct Relief has sent more than $1 million in medicines and supplies to help CVCD continue changing the lives of Bolivians like Don Antonio.


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