Disease Treatment & Prevention

Opioid Epidemic Elevates Related Health Risks in West Virginia

(Editor’s note: This story is the fifth in a series. Earlier stories can be seen below.) Over 340,000 used syringes have been […]

California Shares Responsibility with Counties for Substance Abuse Treatment

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In Mexico City and Beyond, Connecting Patients to Care

The mining town of Zacozonapan lies at the western edge of Mexico State, the most populous in all of Mexico, a three-hour […]

The Right Medicines at the Right Time Protect Vulnerable Babies in Haiti

Dr. Rony Saint-Fleur works to treat the smallest patients at Justinian University Hospital, babies so small that an infection could prove deadly […]

Confronting Opioid Crisis Strains Community Health Resources

(Editor’s note: This story is the third in a series. Earlier stories can be found below.) A patient at Avenal Community Health Center […]

Caring for Skin, One Screening at a Time in Detroit

At first it was just a mole. A small bump just above the left collarbone had sprung up on Hector Quevedo’s neck. […]