On the Indonesian Island of Lombok, a Model of Gentle Care

Photos courtesy of Bumi Sehat

In 2018,  a 6.9-magnitude earthquake wrought destructive and deadly consequences on the island of Lombok, Indonesia.

“The whole north half of Lombok was fairly devastated…They were utterly cut off from the world for  five days, with no electricity and  no heat.”

-Robin Lim, renowned midwife and founder  of Bumi Sehat, a nonprofit providing medical care for women and babies on the island.

The 2018 earthquakes would kill more than 500 people and cause widespread devastation to medical facilities.

Bumi Sehat's midwives were forced to move patients into tents and tarp structures outdoors.

Inside of the temporary  structures, Bumi Sehat staff continued providing maternal and primary health care on the ground,  dealing with everything from lacerations to deliveries.

A permanent home for Bumi Sehat Lombok has been completed, a place to provide both maternal and family health services on the island. The facility’s land purchase  and construction were funded by Direct Relief.

The new facility will provide a space for women to safely  give birth. 

“Our services really support the preservation of nature and humanity.”

“From all my life experiences as a midwife, I want to share that love, compassion, and trust will give strength in every process.”

-Midwife Budi Astuti