Direct Relief

FedEx Airlifts Two Planeloads of Relief for Nepal

Pallets of relief supplies for Nepal earthquake survivors from Direct Relief’s headquarters now headed to Kathmandu via FedEx.

Thanks to a generous donation by FedEx, a Nepal-bound airlift left the Memphis World Hub today with $15 million in medical supplies from Direct Relief.

The charter carries aid from three relief organizations – Direct Relief, Heart to Heart, and Water Missions.

The plane from Memphis will land in Dubai, U.A.E, where it will meet additional relief supplies. Teams on the ground will prioritize the most urgent shipments and the plane will quickly turn around and head into Kathmandu. Relief teams in Nepal are standing by to offload and distribute the  supplies.

The same plane will return to Dubai to reload another completely full flight. It will then head back to Kathmandu to deliver the rest of the supplies. The FedEx donated transportation and logistics services amount to more than 178,000 pounds of relief supplies for Nepal in the coming days.

Supplies from Direct Relief are valued at nearly $15 million and include prescription medicines, IV solutions, anti-infective agents, gloves, nutritional products, wound care supplies, and medical equipment. The breakdown of materials are as follows: