Direct Relief

The Healing Project: Medical Mission for Syrian Refugees

In partnership with Unilever, the maker of Vaseline, Direct Relief is working to improve the skin health of millions of people living in crisis and emergency situations through The Vaseline Healing Project, launched June 11 at the World Congress of Dermatology in Vancouver.

With a goal of improving skin health for people in need across the world, Direct Relief’s activities will include the following:

The idea for The Healing Project stemmed from the insights of dermatologists Dr. Grace Bandow and Dr. Samer Jaber, who highlighted Vaseline Petroleum Jelly as one of the highest priority supplies to treat people suffering from skin conditions in refugee camps following a mission trip to Jordan. You can read their observations in this op-ed written for The Washington Post. This March, both Dr. Bandow and Dr. Jaber were part of the first Healing Mission in Jordan.

Watch the video below to see the work in action. You can participate in the program by helping build a virtual kit to help a person in need.