Valuation of In-Kind Resources

Direct Relief’s programs involve a wide range of functions, several of which require specialized expertise and licensing. Among these functions are identifying key local providers of health services in such areas; working to identify the unmet needs of people in the areas; mobilizing essential medicines, supplies, and equipment that are requested and appropriate for the circumstances; and managing the many details inherent in storing, transporting, and distributing such goods to the partner organizations in the most efficient manner possible.

To fulfill its mission and program objectives, Direct Relief has long sought partnerships with businesses and organizations with particular expertise that is needed and can be leveraged for humanitarian purposes. This approach has led to more than 100 healthcare manufacturers and other corporations, in sectors ranging from technology to transportation, donating needed goods and services that would otherwise have to be purchased.

Direct Relief also solicits and receives financial contributions, which are used to cover internal costs and for goods and services to advance the organization’s mission and that cannot be obtained through donation.

The strategic pursuit of in-kind resources – both goods and services – enables Direct Relief to provide far more humanitarian assistance than would be possible in a model that relied entirely upon raising cash and then converting the cash into goods and services. It makes little economic sense to incur the expense involved in raising funds to then purchase something that a business may be willing and able to provide directly and more efficiently as its charitable contribution.

Direct Relief's Valuation Methodology

Valuation of in-kind donations

For U.S. FDA-Approved pharmaceuticals

For non-FDA-approved pharmaceuticals

For medical supplies and equipment


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