California Fire Map


Who is most at risk from wildfires?

Mapping Fire Vulnerability in California

75 communities throughout California live in areas of severe risk from wildfires. This map highlights the relative social vulnerabilities in these communities which impacts how well they may be able to respond and recover. Click the link below to view the map.

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California Fire Relief

After responding to California's devastating 2018 wildfire season, Direct Relief began stockpiling N95 respirators so they're at the ready for public distribution for future responses. Wildfires can send particles and debris into the air, which can exacerbate respiratory issues and contribute to long-term health impacts, which researchers are just beginning to discover. (Lara Cooper/Direct Relief) California Fires

The N95 Mask: A User’s Guide

As wildfires become more common, the health risks of being exposed to smoke and poor air quality are a top concern for health officials.n

Santa Barbara County Fire Department's new Ford Raptor. (Photo Courtesy of the Santa Barbara County Fire Department) California Fires

Equipping California’s First Responders, Before the Next Disaster Strikes

New vehicles to help save lives in mountains, cities, and on beaches, reduce risks for firefighters.

The Camp Fire destroyed most of the town of Paradise, California, as pictured here in December, 2018. (Andrew MacCalla/Direct Relief) California Fires

Fires and Social Vulnerability

California communities with higher rates of poverty, age and disability are more vulnerable to disasters, and have more difficulty to recovering.

California Fire Dashboard

Direct Relief maps the real-time detection of new fires and tracks changes in the intensity and perimeter fire burn areas. The fire map below shows the boundaries surrounding an active fire, while the dashboard records how many acres have burned to date in California, as well as a tally of active fires burning in the state.