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The Largest Charitable Medicine Program in the United States

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Nonprofit health centers and clinics are a critical part of America’s healthcare safety net. These facilities provide comprehensive, culturally competent health services to more than 27 million U.S. residents each year. Nearly 70 percent of patients have incomes below the federal poverty level and roughly 23 percent lack health insurance.

Improving Access

Access to affordable prescription medication is an obstacle that patients at health centers and community clinics face every day. Direct Relief helps tackle this challenge by providing needed medications and supplies to those who need it most, on an ongoing basis and during disasters.


Direct Relief’s Replenishment Program is an innovative approach to distributing pharmaceuticals and medical supplies to community clinics and health centers. Direct Relief has developed partnerships with multiple healthcare manufacturers that donate needed medications and supplies and leverages economies of scale to offer these products to safety net clinics and health centers from a single source at no cost. The program provides an alternative to navigating individual Patient Assistance Programs (PAPs).

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