Partnerships for a Better World

Direct Relief has long sought partnerships with businesses and organizations with needed expertise that can be leveraged for humanitarian purposes. This approach has led to 175+ healthcare manufacturers and other corporations, in sectors ranging from technology to transportation, providing contributions in the form of needed resources and services.

The Multiplier Effect

Donated medicine, products and services are matched with urgent health needs, helping fill resource gaps in the U.S. and worldwide – from medicine and supplies to logistics expertise and technology solutions.

Partnership in Action

Medical Supplies depart Direct Relief’s warehouse, bound for charitable clinics and health centers in North Carolina following Hurricane Florence in Sept. 2018 (Lara Cooper/Direct Relief)

Emergency Prep

Direct Relief works with dozens of businesses to preposition emergency medicine and medical supplies in disaster-prone communities throughout the U.S., Central America and the Caribbean.

Emergency medical supplies arrive at the Salud Integral En La Montana Health Center in Puerto Rico. Direct Relief relies on donations of goods and services to deliver medicine and medical resources around the world. (Photo by Donnie Hedden for Direct Relief)

Disaster Relief

In the aftermath of disasters, Direct Relief engages companies of all types to support communities in their efforts to rebuild and recover.

Humanitarian Assistance

Donations of in-kind items and services are matched with urgent health needs and resource gaps in over 70 countries worldwide including the U.S.

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