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Teva Pharmaceuticals Ltd.

Partnerships for Humanity

Teva Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd. is a global pharmaceutical leader with a category-defying portfolio, harnessing their generics expertise and stepping up innovation to continue the momentum behind the discovery, delivery and expanded development of modern medicine. For over 120 years, Teva’s commitment to bettering health has never wavered. Today, the company’s global network of capabilities enables its 37,000 employees across 60 markets to push the boundaries of scientific innovation and deliver quality medicines to help improve health outcomes of millions of patients every day.

Direct Relief has been a reliable and trusted partner for Teva for many years. It is a household name among Teva employees, who know that whenever Teva is looking to explore potential opportunities, they know who to turn too. Knowing that Direct Relief has such deep connections with trusted organizations all around the world is a huge asset when Teva needs to reach the most underserved populations.

Quick Facts

In 2021, Teva issued a $5B sustainability-linked bond (SLB)—the largest of its kind when it was issued and the first from a generic medicines company. In 2023, Teva issued an additional SLB valued at $2.5B, with the same Access to Medicine targets. This demonstrates how integral access is to Teva’s business model.

Teva has committed to bringing more medicines to emerging economies to treat non-communicable diseases (NCDs), and increasing regulatory submissions of products on the WHO’s Essential Medicines List across six key target audiences, in Lower Middle Income Countries (LMIC).

The six target audiences in focus are cardiovascular diseases, oncology, respiratory diseases, diabetes, mental health and pain/palliative care.

In 2021, Teva committed to launch eight Access to Medicine programs by 2025. As of 2023, Teva launched seven of these programs, providing treatments to underserved communities across the globe through customized, localized models. Click for Teva’s Position on Access to Medicine

“Whenever we are considering an impending donation in the most difficult of conditions and the question is raised internally “Who might be able to handle such a formidable task?” – the answer is always clear. For that reason, we feel proud and humbled to be working so closely with Direct Relief.”

— Amalia Adler-Waxman, SVP, Global Head, ESG and Head of Corporate Affairs of International Markets, Teva Pharmaceuticals

Strategic Initiatives

Teva supports Direct Relief through key initiatives to address a specific population or area of need.

Community Routes

Community Routes Awardees

Advancing Access to Mental Health Care – US Mental Health Access Program

In the US, a third of adults show symptoms of anxiety, depression, or both. Notably, more than 5.5 million adults with a mental illness are uninsured, and almost a third of all adults with a mental illness reported they were not able to receive the treatment they needed.

In 2022, in partnership with Direct Relief and the National Association of Free & Charitable Clinics, Teva launched Community Routes: Access to Mental Health Care, an innovative program to help advance health equity by increasing access to care for uninsured patients suffering from depression and anxiety in California, Florida and New Jersey through the donation of commonly-prescribed generic medicines and the commitment of $2 million in grant funding over 2 years to eligible free and charitable clinics.

In May 2023, we expanded our donation of commonly prescribed medicines for the treatment of depression and anxiety to seven additional states with high unmet need. In October, we announced a second round of grant funding to our 11 grantee clinics in California, Florida and New Jersey to support further expansion of access to behavioral health services that are tailored to meet the cultural and language needs of patients in their local communities.

In 2023, 17.7M doses of medicine, valued at over USD $11.3M, were donated. As a result of the first year of grant funding* over 28,000 patients were reached directly and indirectly, including through a total of 16,000 screenings, 1,400+ people trained and 53 community events.

Community Routes: Access to Mental Health Care was awarded the 2023 Global Generics and Biosimilars Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Initiative of the Year.

Global Hope

Global HOPE (Hematology-Oncology Pediatric Excellence)

Global HOPE (Hematology-Oncology Pediatric Excellence), is a program of Texas Children’s Hospital and Direct Relief whose goal is to provide treatments for children with cancer and blood disorders in sub-Saharan Africa.

After piloting the program in Malawi, Uganda and Botswana, we expanded to Tanzania in 2022 and Rwanda in 2023.

Global HOPE is a transformational initiative to dramatically improve the diagnosis and treatment of children with cancer and blood diseases in sub-Saharan Africa by training African doctors and nurses, improving access to medicine, and strengthening healthcare infrastructure. Global HOPE has established treatment and training centers in Botswana, Malawi, Tanzania, Uganda, and Rwanda and is expanding to other countries where doctors have been trained. Through this partnership, Teva provides ~20 medicines that help cure children, prevent patients from suffering, and enable better quality of life.

The program has increased the number of patients treated, increased survival rates and helped train healthcare workers. In 2023, we supplied approximately 450,000 doses of medicine (valued at over USD $8.2M) through this program. Global HOPE has treated over 8,000 patients and trained over 3,200 HCPs.

Teva and Global Hope will be launching a joint capacity building program in 2024, where the focus will be on expanding educational opportunities for oncological health care practitioners, thereby strengthening the local healthcare system. Learn More

Breast Cancer in Ghana

Teva’s Access to Medicines program for breast cancer patients in Ghana is in partnership with Breast Care International (BCI) and Direct Relief

According to the WHO, survival rates are lower when the diagnosis is not made in time and when there is no appropriate medical treatment – the two main reasons for the high mortality rate in low-income countries. In fact, the breast cancer survival rate for at least 5 years after diagnosis ranges from more than 90% in high-income countries, to 66% in India and 40% in South Africa.

In Ghana, breast cancer accounts for around 15% of all malignancies and nearly 50% of women diagnosed with breast cancer in 2012 died from this disease.

In 2023, Teva donated approximately 600,000 doses of medicine (valued at approximately USD $2M) to this program, to help provide personalized treatment for approximately 400 patients with breast cancer at two hospitals in Accra and Kumasi.

Additionally, BCI, in collaboration with Peace and Love Hospitals, has been running outreach programs for women throughout Ghana since 2002. The program includes educating and screening for signs of breast cancer, increasing community awareness to help downstage disease at diagnosis and expanding the availability of clinical breast examination and screening, as well as increasing access to quality care and treatment. BCI’s activities are in rural communities where most women reside as farmers, part of vulnerable communities, and travel from all over Ghana to receive the healthcare they need.

Teva and BCI will be launching a joint capacity building program in 2024, where the focus will be on expanding educational outreach to practitioners and women in rural areas, thereby strengthening the local healthcare system. Learn More

Enhancing Access2Care

Access2Care Winners

Eight winners received $450,000 in funding through the Enhancing Access2Care awards program. Winners were selected for their innovative approaches to delivering primary and preventive health care for patients with multiple chronic health conditions.