Emergency Response

Disaster Relief Done Right

Disaster response requires rapid mobilization, but the help must be of the right type. Direct Relief’s efforts are fast, yet always in direct response to specific requests from local partners and are coordinated with other organizations and public agencies to ensure the most efficient use of resources.

Medical aid arrives via helicopter in the Bahamas

Covid-19 Relief

Direct Relief is supporting medical facilities in the U.S. and throughout the world with protective gear to safeguard health care workers.

Hurricane Relief

Direct Relief responds each hurricane season before disaster strikes by staging emergency medicine with health facilities in hurricane-prone regions of the Gulf Coast and Caribbean.

Relief & Recovery

Each disaster has specific characteristics that are dependent upon local facts and circumstances.

Disaster News & Analysis

Designed for Disasters

Direct Relief designs a range of products that address urgent needs when disasters strike.

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Unaudited emergency response-related totals since Jan. 1, 2021
in medical aid
doses of medicine
pounds of medicine and supplies
healthcare providers supported

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