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Wildfire Prep and Response

Southern California wildfires raced through San Diego. (Brett Williams/Direct Relief)
Southern California wildfires raced through San Diego in 2007. (Brett Williams/Direct Relief)

As in other disaster scenarios, those affected by wildfires face a difficult set of tasks in moving from acute emergency response to recovery to rebuilding, often facing significant obstacles in the process. Wildfires can quickly change direction, leaving those nearby with little time to evacuate, and because wildfires destroy so much so quickly, they can be one of the more difficult disasters to recover from.

Wildfires can be incredibly difficult to contain, leaving nearby residents’ air quality diminished by heavy smoke and ash for days on end. While masks and medication can make a significant difference, people with asthma and other respiratory conditions face the greatest health risks from airborne particulate matter during wildfires.

Equipping Hospitals and First Responders

With an increase in wildfire activity in recent years, Direct Relief has led several wildfire response efforts across the U.S.

Since 2007, Direct Relief has responded to wildfires across Western U.S., including California, Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado, Oregon, and Texas, as well as globally.

Smoke and ash from the Thomas Fire linger thick in the Santa Ynez air, miles from the front lines of the blaze. (Photo courtesy of Donnie Hedden)
Smoke and ash from the Thomas Fire linger thick in the Santa Ynez air, miles from the front lines of the blaze. (Photo by Donnie Hedden for Direct Relief)

Direct Relief continues to coordinate with corporate and non-governmental organizations to ensure needed supplies are available when wildfires strike, and the organization is committed to ongoing relief efforts in wildfire situations.

Active Emergencies

Health worker Reuben Chipelesa of Nkhunga Health Centre in Malawi wears donated PPE from the Covid-19 Action Fund for Africa. (Photo courtesy of Homeline Media)

Disease Outbreaks

Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Direct Relief is equipping health workers responding to coronavirus (COVID-19) in China, the U.S. and around the world with protective gear and critical resources.


Fire Relief

Direct Relief is responding after a series of major fires erupted around the world, including in Australia, the Amazon and throughout the U.S.

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