"Where" Matters

To inform its work and understanding of complex issues, Direct Relief maps a variety of socio-economic factors that contribute to poverty, poor health, and the susceptibility of communities to crisis events such as hurricanes or other natural disasters. Learn More
Facebook’s AI Research team has published a new peer-reviewed forecast model for Covid-19 that estimates the United States will see large increases in new cases by Nov. 8. Direct Relief has published a dashboard of the results. (Direct Relief image)

Mapping Applications

Click the map above to view a live, interactive map of hurricane tracks.


Hurricane Prep Map

Direct Relief's hurricane map combines social vulnerability data, health facility sites and staging locations for emergency medicine.
Mapping Medical Aid


Global Aid Map

The Aid Map provides a way for anyone to easily visualize and analyze the reach of Direct Relief’s activities, anywhere in the world, at any time.


Global Fistula Hub

Direct Relief surveyed and mapped all health facilities identified as providing obstetric fistula repair by leading organizations involved in fistula.

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Active Emergencies

Health worker Reuben Chipelesa of Nkhunga Health Centre in Malawi wears donated PPE from the Covid-19 Action Fund for Africa. (Photo courtesy of Homeline Media)

Disease Outbreaks

Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Direct Relief is equipping health workers responding to coronavirus (COVID-19) in China, the U.S. and around the world with protective gear and critical resources.


Fire Relief

Direct Relief is responding after a series of major fires erupted around the world, including in Australia, the Amazon and throughout the U.S.

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