Since 2014, this global pharmaceutical company has been a key partner of Direct Relief.

Joining forces to address significant healthcare challenges around the world

Since its inception as a company in 2014, Direct Relief has collaborated with both AbbVie and the AbbVie Foundation on joint humanitarian initiatives, including collaboration on disaster and emergency work, support for children with cancer, support of babies born with respiratory distress syndrome, and prescription drug access for underserved patients in the United States and around the world.  


Starting in 2018, AbbVie began a multi-year collaboration with Direct Relief to help rebuild, strengthen and enable resiliency for Puerto Rico’s primary healthcare system with the awarding of a $50 million grant to support Direct Relief community health initiative on this island that was highly impacted by hurricanes Irma and Maria.  The AbbVie support has resulted in Puerto Rico being able to better withstand future hurricanes or emergencies.  AbbVie has also supported Direct Relief’s COVID-19 response with a significant multi-million dollar financial contribution for our response in Europe – specifically in the highly impacted countries of Italy, Spain and the U.K.  

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