How it Works

ReplenishRx provides an efficient and transparent model for uninsured, low-income patients to receive the medications they need from providers at nonprofit health centers, free and charitable clinics and charitable pharmacies. The program ensures safety net providers have a consistent supply of medicines donated by leading biotechnology, pharmaceutical and healthcare companies for eligible patients, reducing the need to complete individual patient assistance program applications and enabling patients to receive the medicines they need without delay.

To participate, nonprofit clinics, charitable pharmacies and health centers must demonstrate required internal controls for drug dispensing and recordkeeping.

Criteria for Facility Participation

  • Be registered as a nonprofit organization that provides health care to patients regardless of their ability to pay (e.g., free and charitable clinics, charitable pharmacies, Federally Qualified Health Centers (FQHCs), FQHC look-alikes, etc.)
  • Maintain effective systems, policies and controls to:
    • Comply with the rules and regulations for dispensing medications defined by the applicable state board of pharmacy
    • Manage donated inventory through a physical or virtual process
    • Perform and document patient eligibility screening and enrollment, as well as reverification of eligibility
    • Retain patient eligibility and dispensing records for at least six years
    • Ensure patients and insurers, such as Medicare and Medicaid, are not billed for donated products
    • Adhere to all ReplenishRx requirements
  • Have a medical director with a valid state license
  • Consent to periodic program audits by Direct Relief

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