Eligible Countries

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In 2000 Pfizer began a partnership with the South African Ministry of Health to donate the antifungal Diflucan® through government hospitals to patients lacking even the most basic health care. Based on the initial success in reaching patients, the South African partnership was expanded and became the Diflucan® Partnership Program.

Over 66 million tablets have been shipped to clinics and governments since the program’s outset. Governmental and nongovernmental organizations in developing countries with HIV/AIDS prevalence of greater than 1 percent are given priority.

The following countries are eligible for the program:

Afghanistan Democratic Republic of Congo Madagascar Solomon Islands
Angola Djibouti Malawi Somalia
Argentina Dominican Republic Maldives South Africa
Bangladesh El Salvador Mali Sudan
Barbados Equatorial Guinea Mauritania Suriname
Belize Eritrea Mozambique Swaziland
Benin Ethiopia Myanmar Tanzania
Bhutan Gabon Namibia Thailand
Botswana Gambia Nepal Togo
Burkina Faso Ghana Niger Trinidad and Tobago
Burundi Guatemala Nigeria Tuvalu
Cambodia Guinea Panama Uganda
Cameroon Guinea-Bissau Papua New Guinea Ukraine
Cape Verde Guyana Paraguay Vanuatu
Central African Republic Haiti Peru Venezuela
Chad Honduras Rwanda Yemen
Colombia Jamaica Samoa Zambia
Comoros Kenya São Tomé and Príncipe Zimbabwe
Congo Laos Senegal  
Costa Rica Lesotho Seychelles  
Côte d’Ivoire Liberia Sierra Leone  


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