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Zika virus: Ways you can help –

The virus has been connected to microcephaly, a neurological disorder causing an abnormally small head, sometimes leading to death. Currently, there is no vaccine to prevent Zika or medicine for treatment. There are several international organizations that are providing assistance to people affected and at risk of infection: MAP International is providing mosquito repellent, antibiotics, and pain relievers in the affected countries.

Saving more lives with business on board

When a Concern Worldwide emergency response worker bumped into Jim Fraser of Flexiway Solar Solutions in 2011 and shared her vision of an ideal emergency light, Jim got to work on a prototype.

BBH Helps Vaseline ‘Heal’ The World

More than 50% of health-care clinics around the world say they don’t have enough medical supplies to properly treat their patients’ skin conditions. Over 80% of their patients are suffering from these problems. Now Unilever’s Vaseline brand and its agency BBH New York are expanding the Vaseline Healing Project to raise awareness about the need for more medical supplies and to let people know Vaseline does more than just treat dry lips and cuts.

The 7 Best “Sponsor A Child” Charities to Help a World in Need

It’s an unfortunate truth that many charities use donations irresponsibly – spending huge amounts of money on fundraising and CEO salaries instead of actually helping those in need. Having a desire to help others is an amazing thing, but you want to make sure that the money you give is actually doing some good in…

Ministry of Health receives US$2m worth of pharmaceuticals – News

KINGSTON, Jamaica – The Ministry of Health on Friday received a donation of pharmaceuticals valued at US$2 million from the Issa Trust Foundation and Direct Relief. The items, which will be distributed across public health facilities islandwide, were officially handed over at a ceremony held at the Kingston Public Hospital.

Vaseline’s “Healing Project” Brings Relief to Refugees

Bandow and Jaber published their findings in a Washington Post article, and Vaseline took notice. It signed on the two dermatologists as advisors to ” The Healing Project,” a partnership with nonprofit Direct Relief to provide “petroleum jellies and lotions to people displaced by natural disasters or humanitarian crises.”

Crossing the Rubicon for disaster response

When Marine Corps veterans Jake Wood and William McNulty led a medical team into Port-au-Prince, Haiti six years ago, the post-earthquake challenges brought back memories of other deployments – in Iraq and Afghanistan. They returned home from Haiti to set up Team Rubicon with two goals: improving overseas disaster response and finding new ways to bring military veterans into humanitarian operations.

Bitcoin Gives Back: The Biggest Charity Drives of 2015

Given that bitcoin and the blockchain are still misunderstood in the eyes of the public, industry proponents have long sought to showcase how the digital currency’s attributes can be used to the advantage of global relief and philanthropy efforts.

Vaseline Turns Missionary With The Healing Project

Vaseline has launched charitable initiative The Healing Project to help people in need of dermatological care across the world. The Unilever-owned skincare brand is partnering with Direct Relief, an international medical aid organization, to provide dermatological care, medical supplies, products and health worker training to help heal the skin of five million people living in the wake of crisis and disaster in the U.S.

This Medicine Cabinet Staple Is Helping Syrian Refugees in a Big Way

When you consider the needs of the Syrian refugees, the most important items that come to mind are probably food, clothing, shelter and medicine. Interestingly, though, there’s one very specific frequently-requested product, and you probably own a jar of it yourself. Recently Refinery29 brought to our attention the overwhelming need for Vaseline among Syrian refugees.

A Guide To Giving

Image: In times of conflict and sudden crises, charitable giving becomes central to disaster relief and resource allocation. From medical aid, to infrastructure, to covering building, relocation, and educational costs, there is no doubt that charitable organisations empower every day people to create a better tomorrow for victims of circumstance worldwide.

The incredibly simple household item Syrian refugees need – and the campaign to get it to them

When two American dermatologists volunteered to provide medical assistance in a Syrian refugee camp in Jordan in 2014, they didn’t anticipate one basic, recurring need. What the refugees really needed from them didn’t even have to be administered by a professional doctor.

How Vaseline Can Help Syrian Refugees

Almost two years ago, when many people in the U.S. were still blindly unaware of what was really happening in Syria, two dermatologists, Grace Bandow, MD, and Samer Jaber, MD, went on a medical mission to the Syrian refugee camps in Jordan.

How To Help Tornado Victims In Texas, Mississippi, & Across The Mid-South Recover & Rebuild

Tornadoes, storms, and flooding have been hitting the South and Midwest throughout the second half of this week. Storms and a tornado turned deadly in north Texas the day after Christmas, killing at least 11 people in the Dallas area and destroying homes, churches, and businesses. A tornado was















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