Rohingya Refugee Crisis

More than 800,000 refugees from Myanmar are now living in camps near Cox's Bazar, Bangladesh

  • Direct Relief is responding with supplies and equipment needed to establish field clinics and support local hospitals.

In Focus

Since August 2017, an unprecedented humanitarian emergency has been building as hundreds of thousands of Rohingya refugees have crossed the Myanmar border into neighboring Bangladesh.

This mass migration has created a refugee crisis with what is now the world’s largest refugee camp forming in southern Bangladesh, between the Myanmar border and the Bay of Bengal.

The sheer scale of the humanitarian need of the refugee population, combined with logistical issues of accessing and providing services to the interior of the camp, is creating huge challenges for responding authorities and organizations. The greatest threat, however, is posed by the onset of the rainy season and the subsequent risk of disease outbreak and potential for an extreme weather event in this cyclone-prone region.

Direct Relief has been working with key partners in the region, including the Hope Foundation, which operates a 40-bed hospital and eight rural satellite health centers. Direct Relief is supporting Hope’s efforts to provide healthcare in medical outposts through the settlement, and sent medical tents, solar panels and battery systems to provide power and lighting within these tent clinic and delivery rooms, diagnostic equipment, water purification systems, personal protective gear for medical staff, wound care materials, and hygiene items and oral rehydration for patients.

Direct Relief also sent an Emergency Health Kit, created based on World Health Organization guidelines. The kit has everything providers need to take care of 1,000 patients medically in low-resource settings.

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