About the Determine® HIV-1/2 Test

Determine® HIV-1/2 is an easy-to-use, rapid (15-minute) test for HIV antibodies developed by Abbott. Using a small amount of whole blood, serum or plasma collected by a finger prick, any hospital or remote setting can generate highly accurate results regardless of its access to laboratory equipment or electricity. Determine HIV-1/2 may be stored at room temperature.

No test provides absolute assurance that a sample does not contain low levels of antibodies to HIV such as those present at a very early stage of infection. Therefore a negative result at any time does not preclude the possibility of exposure to or infection with HIV. Positive specimens should be retested using another method and the results should be considered in light of the overall clinical evaluation before a diagnosis is made.

Note: Determine HIV-1/2 is not currently available in the United States. Under this program, only pregnant women will be tested. Determine is not indicated for children under 15 months.

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Determine® Progress Report and Order Form (English)

Rapport de Progrès et Formulaire de Commande de Determine® (Français)

Statement from Abbott

May 23, 2005

Abbott today announced that it has entered an agreement to sell the Determine® and Dainia Screen® rapid diagnostics products to Inverness Medical Innovations.  We remain committed to our humanitarian programs and this transition will have no impact on our HIV/AIDS-related initiatives in 69 countries, including Africa and the Least Developed Countries as designated by the United Nations.

Through a long-term supply and distribution agreement with Inverness, we will continue to donate Determine HIV rapid test free of charge for the prevention of mother-to-child transmission (PMTCT) of HIV through the Determine HIV Donation Program.  Our customers will continue to receive the same high-quality product through the same distributors and the same Abbott points of contact free of charge.

Abbott has a 20-year history of pioneering contributions to fight against HIV/AIDS, and we are committed to the future of HIV research, including developing new testing technologies and a next generation protease inhibitor.  This transition allows us to better focus on delivering innovative high-volume automated testing for the hospital laboratory market and helps Inverness enhance its professional diagnostics product line.