Direct Relief Sessions

Direct Relief Sessions

Direct Relief Sessions is a themed series of community fundraising streams featuring skilled content creators whose passion for their craft is matched only by their desire to help others.

From August 2-7, join members of the food and drink community on Twitch as they showcase their skills as creative chefs to raise support for Direct Relief.

Cooking can be difficult under normal circumstances, but these circumstances won’t be normal. The creators will be inviting audience members to directly interact with their shows, so expect spontanious dish alterations, hilarious messes, and outright mayhem. 

Join one of the most fun communities around and watch these chefs push their skills to the limit.


DateTime (Pacific)Creator
Monday, 8/23-5 PMzobocat
Monday, 8/25-7 PMThePracticalEscapist
Tuesday, 8/32-4 PMSushiDay
Tuesday, 8/34-6 PMKitchen Confidence
Wednesday, 8/412-2 PMKehnara
Wednesday, 8/43-5 PMMinnesota_toz
Wednesday, 8/410 PM – 12 AMChefdeParty
Thursday, 8/53-5 PMmkafie
Thursday, 8/55-7 PMMadameGandalf
Friday, 8/67-9 AMklinkit
Friday, 8/62-4 PMTwogirls1game
Friday, 8/64-6 PMTabetaiCooking
Friday, 8/66-8 PMCupcakedex
Saturday, 8/710 AM – 12 PMDrunkn_Buddha

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