Direct Relief Sessions

Direct Relief Sessions

Direct Relief Sessions is a themed series of community fundraising streams featuring skilled content creators whose passion for their craft is matched only by their desire to help others.

From April 10-16, join members of the music community in Direct Relief Music Sessions as they showcase their skills to raise support for Direct Relief. Among the causes being supported are Ukraine medical relief, COVID relief, and worldwide disaster relief.

If you would like to participate as a fundraiser in this event, please visit the Tiltify campaign page to get started on setting up and join the Discord server for additional support and updates.

Below are some of the featured musicians who will be leading the charge throughout the week. Join their communities and enjoy the festivities as they support important causes.

DateTime (Pacific)Creator
Sunday, 4/1011-2 PMAlanaBeDootin
Sunday, 4/103-7 PMJacksonParodi
Monday, 4/112-4 PMSab_Irene
Monday, 4/115-7 PMStahrmie
Tuesday, 4/1212-3 PMThennecan
Wednesday, 4/132-6 PMdannymusic
Thursday, 4/145-8 PMVideo Game Pianist
Friday, 4/151:30-4:30 PMThe8BitDrummer
Saturday, 4/162-4 PMLaceyJohnsonMusic