Issues & Solutions

Direct Relief partners with leading healthcare companies to provide life-saving Factor VIII and Factor IX therapies to help at-risk hemophilia patients.

In Brief

Hemophilia A occurs in 1 in 5,000 live male births, and is a genetic disorder in which blood doesn't clot normally. The disease has no cure, but treatment can help patients lead full, healthy lives.

The two main forms are hemophilia A (Factor VIII deficiency) and hemophilia B (Factor IX deficiency). Treatments can come in the form of injections, which help a patient replace the clotting factor their bodies won't produce.

Existing treatment is limited for hemophilia patients in the developing world.

Working Together to Treat Hemophilia

Direct Relief has provided many tens of millions of cold-chain Factor Rx products to its numerous healthcare partners that assist or treat hemophiliac patients in in the developing world. These treatments prevent severe external or internal bleeding that can take place without these crucial medicines.

Direct Relief partners with healthcare manufacturing partners that provide it donations of Factor therapies, which include Bayer, Bioverativ, Pfizer, and Shire.  Direct Relief provides these products to its Overseas Hemophilia Support Network, which consists of partner hospitals and foundations in over 30 countries of the developing world that treat children or adults with hemophilia.

Direct Relief operates an extensive medicine access program for American children that attend special summer camps aimed at educating them on how to manage the disease. Direct Relief has for years provided therapies to these young people so they can experience normal summer activities in a safe environment.  Direct Relief annually partners with Pfizer to provide requested and required quantities of Factor VIII and Factor IX to its network of hemophilia summer camp programs.

Giving is Good Medicine

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