Cherokee Health Case Worker Lisa Lawson (left) facilities a patient  tele-pharmacy consolation with Sarah Boswell, a clinical therapist working out an office 50 miles away in Knoxville, TN. This photo was taken at the Cherokee Health Clinic in Morristown, TN on July 12, 2018. 

A award from BD and Direct Relief has made it possible for Lisa and Sarah to provide care for patients via tele-pharmacy who are unable to travel to clinics. PHOTO: DONNIE HEDDEN

In Brief

  • Telehealth offers much-needed access to specialty care, particularly for underserved patients with complicated medical conditions.
  • Telehealth can reduce barriers to care for people who live in rural or isolated communities or who have transportation or mobility issues.
  • Direct Relief is providing access to telehealth services for primary care physicians treating vulnerable patients in the U.S. and internationally.

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