Millions of people around the world are playing games online for fun. Zynga and Direct Relief are turning that gaming into good by transforming online connections into real life aid. 

Zynga develops games, like FarmVille, that are available through social networking websites, such as Facebook. Zynga’s philanthropic arm, Zynga.org parlays these social games into social change. By offering gamers the option to purchase virtual goods to gain an edge in game-play, Zynga is really offering an opportunity to give life-saving assistance through groups like Direct Relief.

Zynga is broadening philanthropic opportunity online. With over 230 million gamers using Zynga games through Facebook on a monthly basis, the potential for reaching more people with the help they need is amplified.

Three of Zynga’s four fundraising campaigns for Direct Relief were implemented through the game Mafia Wars, with proceeds designated for critical emergency response efforts, including relief efforts in Japan following the devastating earthquake and tsunami. To date, Zynga players have raised over $875,000 for Direct Relief.

Kicking off in advance of World Pneumonia Day on November 12, Zynga and Direct Relief’s latest partnership will once again raise awareness and funding, this time to fight childhood pneumonia.

Each Mafia Wars 2 player can buy a virtual item that will translate into a donation of critically-needed medical assistance for one child with pneumonia. 100% of contributions from players will be used to combat this number one killer of children under five years of age.

Childhood pneumonia:

  • kills more kids under 5 than AIDS, malaria and measles combined.
  • has been called the most pervasive cause of child death by the World Health Organization.
  • is one of global health’s most solvable problems.

Direct Relief is committed to helping kids with pneumonia receive care. Direct Relief will work with healthcare providers around the world to ensure access to the medications critical to treating childhood pneumonia in the most vulnerable communities.

Direct Relief thanks Zynga and its gamers for their support!