When a natural disaster or emergency strikes, many people wonder what they can do to help. Because Direct Relief is privately funded and receives no government funding, often the best way to help is to contribute to our efforts. For those individuals or groups who want to hold an event on our behalf, Direct Relief has developed a four-step guide for “third-party” fundraisers. We hope this is helpful and informative.

Get Started: Register Your Event Online

You must register your event with Direct Relief Development Staff, and your event must be approved in advance by Direct Relief. Once your event has been approved you will receive notification about the right to use the Direct Relief name and logo for your event/promotion. This is an important safeguard in preserving the integrity of Direct Relief’s name and reputation.

Please note: You must register your event and receive approval from Direct Relief before using the Direct Relief logo and name in your promotional materials.

Create a Fundraising Webpage (optional)

Create your own personal fundraising web page —it’s easy to do—to share with your friends, family, and fundraiser participants. Building your page takes just a few minutes, and the tools lead you step-by-step through the process. You’ll name your page, add a brief explanation of your event and include a photo. Then you will be able to email friends and family about your fund page and event.
[/custom_list] Please Note: If you are planning to host a fundraiser which includes any gambling activities such as bingo or raffles, you must register your event with your State Attorney General, as such activities may be either prohibited or strictly regulated.

Best Practices

As responsible stewards of public funds, Direct Relief asks that “third party” fundraisers donate 100% of the contributions they collect during their event to Direct Relief, as their event is to benefit Direct Relief’s efforts. Event expenses such as food, venue, and planning time can either be donated by the vendors or absorbed by the host. If this budget model is not possible for your event, we ask that you donate 100% of the net proceeds of the event to Direct Relief, this will provide the maximum benefit possible to those in need. All event planning, organization, costs, and liabilities are the responsibility of the fundraiser.

Please note that though the employees of Direct Relief will be as helpful as possible, staff attention must stay focused on primary responsibilities, so they will likely not be able to offer much assistance in planning, coordinating, or attending your event.

All monetary donations are tax deductible in accordance with applicable laws. Upon receipt of the donation, a letter of acknowledgment will be sent to donors for their tax records. If your attendees or participants require an individual receipt, it is best that they donate by check with a valid address, or online through a personal fund page or donation page.

When collecting cash donations, please provide a typed list of names and addresses of the individuals who have donated cash, the amount each donated – this is the only way with cash donations that Direct Relief will be able to properly receipt cash donors.

For security reasons, we cannot accept cash through the mail. Please convert all cash contributions into a check before mailing it.