Youth4DirectRelief is a community of like-minded students working together to raise awareness about global health and fundraise for Direct Relief to improve the health and lives of people affected by poverty, disaster, and civil unrest. Youth4DirectRelief’s student-led chapters have been raising awareness and support since 2007.  As student leaders, Youth4DirectRelief members have the ability to inspire their classmates and change lives.


Youth4DirectRelief’s chapters are registered “clubs” at elementary, junior high and high schools, as well as colleges and universities.  By registering your chapter, you increase administrative support and access to resources.  Each chapter holds regular meetings to discuss current issues in global health, and specific Direct Relief awareness and fundraising campaigns.  Chapters elect officers to share responsibilities. These can include President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer.  Co‐officers work together to make campaigns and projects great!


  • Motivating and organizing peers. Coming together with fellow students is the most important thing you will do as a chapter. Encouraging discussion and participation in the global community is the most effective way to begin to make a difference. One of the main goals of Youth4DirectRelief is to create a network community of active, inspired, and globally conscious students.
  • Raising awareness about current issues in global health, and what Direct Relief is doing to help. Whether it’s through presentations just to the members of your club, or information sessions for your whole student body, sparking interest and facilitating discussion is the most effective way to gain support. Direct Relief can provide you with resources to make this happen
  • Fundraising. Now that you have an army of students inspired and organized, it’s time to put them to work! We encourage you to participate in Youth4DirectRelief’s annual Change a Life Campaign.  You are always welcome to use your specific skills and resources to organize a different campaign of your own!
  • Communicating both with us at Direct Relief, and with other chapters. Discussing the challenges you face and solutions you’ve found is the best way to ensure success for all the chapters. Also, by communicating closely with the adult volunteers who support Youth4DirectRelief, we can connect you with valuable information you need. We want to hear your feedback as well! We recommend that you send us updates on your fundraisers and your progress as a chapter. You are now an extremely important part of the Direct Relief organization.

To get involved or for information about starting a chapter in your community, please send an email to or call (800) 676-1638.