Ansell and Direct Relief are strategic partners in providing vital healthcare consumables, including millions of pairs of medical gloves, to support improved medical services for underserved patients around the world.

Protecting Health Workers and Patients

Ansell’s partnership with Direct Relief vastly expanded during the 2014 Ebola crisis, during which thousands in West Africa perished as a result of the highly contagious disease.   Ansell donated over 2 million pairs of gloves that had been specifically requested by the Ministries of Health of Liberia and Sierra Leone, both places that were stocked out of required gloves.

Proper access to required medical gloves is key for infection control and safety, but gloves and other basic medical consumables  are often unavailable or in short supply in many places around the world. Ansell has equipped many healthcare providers with the medical tools needed to protect their safety, as well as that of the patients being treated.

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