Convention & Health Fair

Convention and Health Fair

Please join Direct Relief on August 7, 2019 at the Puerto Rico Convention Center for “La Ciudad de la Salud y Bienestar,” an event that brings together healthcare and business leaders and the broader community around health and a shared commitment to Puerto Rico's future.

Event Details

This event will serve as a platform for healthcare leaders, local non-profit organizations, for profit companies, and communities, to discuss and share stories from the past two years since Hurricane Maria, as well as highlight still ongoing health needs facing communities and families in Puerto Rico.

Simultaneously, Direct Relief will convene a health fair, bringing together over 20 healthcare providers that will offer a variety of medical services, free of charge, for up to 3,000 people in Puerto Rico who attend the fair. Here they can also learn about health services that are available to them on the island. Services will include wellness checks, vaccinations, dental care and mental health screenings, among others.

Findings from the event, detailing the successes and the most pressing needs that still exist, will be published and disseminated to a broader public health audience.


Puerto Rico Convention Center

San Juan, Puerto Rico

Event Schedule | August 7, 2019

08:00 – Registration and Coffee

09:00 – Welcoming Keynote

10:00 – Access to Healthcare Post-Maria (Panel): A dialogue about the dimensions of healthcare access, from mobility to infrastructure to information, to medicine and doctors, and what’s improved since Maria.

11:00 – Public and Private Sector Collaboration (Panel): A conversation between business leaders from companies who have supported local efforts since Maria and some of the local organizations who benefited from that support and the ways it enabled them to impact communities, highlighting how the private sector’s contribution and collaboration with the third sector has supported the development of a sustainable socio-economic ecosystem in Puerto Rico.

12:30 – Lunch

13:30 – Visit of Health Fair

14:30 – Ongoing and Remaining Needs Post-Maria (Panel): This panel will look at the still most pressing challenges in providing quality healthcare to people in Puerto Rico and ensuring the island is well-prepared for a future event.

15:30 – Grant Award Announcements

17:00 – Closing Remarks

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