Monthly Giving

Monthly Giving

Each gift, no matter the size, means the world to those it reaches. By supporting Direct Relief on a monthly basis, your enduring generosity and the good it does lasts all year, and it’s appreciated twelve-times over.

Over one year, your monthly gift could…

  • $10/month

    Send 6 people emergency medical supplies after a disaster

  • $25/month

    Equip 12 midwives with the supplies needed for safe deliveries

  • $50/month

    Deliver 12 shipments of medical aid to U.S. health centers and clinics

  • $100/month

    Provide 225 children with the antibiotics needed to treat pneumonia

  • $250/month+

    Leverage $120,000+ in medical assistance to people in need

How you can help

Count me in! I’d like to give $ per month


If you already give regularly and need to make any changes to your recurring gift, such as updating your credit card number, expiration date, the frequency of your donation, or the amount you wish to give, you can do so by contacting Laurie Ann Tuttle at (805) 964-4767 or via email at

Monthly Giving March 31, 2015