Direct Relief Provides Emergency Assistance in Flood-Affected Areas of Ethiopia, Kenya, and Somalia


Direct Relief’s shipment of critically needed medical supplies to Kenya’s flooding zones arrived today in Rabuor, Kenya, home of in-country partner the OGRA Foundation.

The shipment contained $201,761 (wholesale) worth of essential antibiotics, analgesics, and other drugs and supplies designed to combat infections, aid diabetics, and help medical professionals at the OGRA Foundation’s two clinics in the Kisumu and Nyando Districts perform surgeries.

“The rains are still horrendous here and these medicines will help us a great deal. We are most grateful to Direct Relief for this donation,” said Dr. Hezron O Mc’Obewa, Director of the OGRA Foundation, in correspondence with disaster response coordinators at Direct Relief.

According to a World Health Organization appeal released Wednesday, the flooding in Kenya is affecting two million persons in Ethiopia, Kenya, and Somalia, and is enhancing the threat of outbreaks of cholera, dysentery, measles and malaria.

An additional flood-related shipment of medical materials to Hargeisa Group Hospital in Somalia, and a shipment to the Ministry of Health and the Orphans of AIDS Foundation in Ethiopia is being assembled. Direct Relief continues to be in contact with these and other partners to assess how the organization may aid those suffering due to the floods.

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