Direct Relief Responds to Flooding in Jakarta


Direct Relief is compiling a shipment for partner CHF International who is assisting the Indonesian Red Crescent, to be sent out on Friday in response to the flooding in Jakarta, Indonesia. The aid, worth $280,550 (wholesale), contains basic antibiotics, rice-based oral rehydration salts, wound dressings and anti-fungals, all of which were specifically requested by CHF. These supplies will be necessary to combat water-borne diseases brought on by flooding such as typhoid fever, diarrhea, and various skin conditions.

According to Reuters, the floods in Jakarta have killed 57 people and more than 250,000 are still displaced from their homes, many sheltering under flyovers or in plastic tents near graveyards.

Direct Relief will airlift the aid to Jakarta without charge by FedEx, with which Direct Relief has a longstanding partnership in responding to humanitarian medical needs for over 16 years.

Direct Relief has extensive experience responding to disasters in Indonesia, including the Indian Ocean tsunami of December 2004 and Yogyakarta earthquake of May 2006.

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