Direct Relief Grants $10,000 in Emergency Funds for Response in Kenya


Direct Relief today granted $10,000 in emergency funds to local partner the OGRA Foundation to assist with the in-country purchase of critically needed materials.

Direct Relief’s emergency response team was in touch with Dr. Hezron Mc’Obewa, founder of the OGRA Foundation and Direct Relief’s regional medical advisor, yesterday evening Pacific time (daytime in Kenya).

“We are trying to save the injured, but may need to purchase some drugs locally or buy some fuel,” he said during a text message exchange, one of the only currently reliable forms of communication, since most email access has been limited. Direct Relief’s extension of funds will enable the OGRA Foundation to fill these needs.

Dr. Hezron has been named chair of the local humanitarian aid committee in Kisumu and is helping coordinate activities with the Kenyan Red Cross, Ministry of Health, and other on-site responders.

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