Direct Relief Offers Emergency Medical Aid to Partners in Indonesia Following 7.0-Magnitude Earthquake



A 7.0-magitude earthquake struck Indonesia today about 88 miles southwest of West Java; Direct Relief  has offered humanitarian medical aid to partners in country responding to the emergency, including Australian Aid International.

With operations in Jogjakarta and expertise in emergency medical response, AAI is well situated to address needs following the earthquake. Through its primary health care, public health, community health, and specialized medical care programs, AAI aims to increase fair and equal access to health care for underserved populations.

Needs assessments are expected from partners in Indonesia tonight and tomorrow as the situation becomes clear. Initial reports indicate that 4,000 homes were damaged in West and Central Java and that more than 400 people have been injured. The death toll is 42 and rising.

Based on Direct Relief’s experience, nutritional supplements, oral rehydration solution, antibiotics to treat skin and respiratory infections, and wound-care products are needed most in an earthquake’s immediate aftermath.

Direct Relief has provided more than $23.5 million in humanitarian medical aid and grants to Indonesia since the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami, and has developed strong relationships with healthcare providers there during the long-term emergency response.

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