Second Emergency Aid Shipment Airlifted to Mexico



Direct Relief is dispatching a second round of aid today for residents of Baja California affected by Hurricane Jimena earlier this month. Valued at more than $137,000 (wholesale), the consignment includes nutritional products and needed medicines, including antibiotics.

Included in the donation is the ready-to-drink oral rehydration product CeraSport, made by CeraProducts, a long-standing supporter of Direct Relief’s emergency response work. Oral rehydration products are one of the most requested items during emergencies, when water supplies are compromised. Dehydration can become fatal if not treated.

Aeromedicos, a Direct Relief partner, is airlifting the donation to Mexico, where the aid will be distributed to the Cadeje Hospital in the city of Cadeje; the Muleje Hospital, a small public hospital in the city of Muleje; and the Santa Rosalia Hospital, just up the coast from Muleje. These facilities are located on the south-central coasts of Baja, where much of the damage from Hurricane Jimena occurred. Homes, schools, medical facilities, and roads have been severely damaged and wells have been tainted, leaving residents in great need.

Aeromedicos volunteers include pilots and healthcare providers who supply and staff local clinics and health facilities that treat Baja residents. The Santa Barbara-based group has been working in Mexico since 1974.

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