Direct Relief Equipping Emergency Medical Team in Philippines


Direct Relief is equipping Australian Aid International (AAI) healthcare teams with emergency medical material aid to treat Typhoon Ketsana survivors in the Philippines. AAI has deployed its Disaster Response and Assessment Team there, where more than 4 million people have been affected and floodwaters are not expected to recede fully for six months to a year. AAI is focusing on preventing the spread of communicable diseases through its medical outreach clinics, using Direct Relief-provided medical material aid scheduled to be airlifted to the Philippines early next week.

At its mobile clinics in the city of San Pedro de Leon southeast of Manila, the most-affected and least-accessible region, AAI’s team has put first priority on treating vulnerable populations such as children and the elderly. Conditions in the highest prevalence among shelter populations are diarrheal diseases, skin infections, fever, and respiratory infections.

With extensive experience in emergency field medicine, AAI is especially well suited to provide treatment in compromised settings. Its staff also trains local healthcare workers in emergency field medicine during its response work as well, which expands the capacity and knowledge base of local responders.

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