Olympic Gold Medalist Joins Fundraising Effort for Haiti

Olympic Gold Medalist Erin Hamlin, who competes in the luge, has proven that she’s a champion even before she competes in Vancouver during this year’s Winter Games. Hamlin is hosting a Direct Relief personal fundraising page to help people in Haiti. We say thanks this champion and the many others who are dedicated to supporting Haiti relief.

From school groups to companies to online communities, people are stepping up in incredibly generous ways to help the people of Haiti. Reddit.com’s campaign went viral through its web site; it has raised about $160,000 for Haiti through its fundraising page. One of its newest contributors is a five-year-old girl who is giving $73.32—the entire contents of her piggy bank—to support our emergency response and recovery efforts in Haiti., Read her story on reddit.

The fundraising pages are easy to build, with step-by-step instructions to upload text and photos., Donors who include “Haiti” in the page title are designating 100% of donations to help the people of Haiti.

Through we can’t name them all here, we’re grateful for the outpouring of support for our work in Haiti from so many extraordinarily generous people., We consider them all champions.

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