Targeted Medical Aid Equips Partner Teams Heading to Haiti


Direct Relief has equipped two partner groups sending medical mission teams to Haiti with needed medical material aid. These teams will provide care to the many people injured and in need since the quake stuck.

J/P Haitian Relief Organization, a team of 20 doctors experienced in emergency and trauma medicine, is flying to Haiti over the next few days to help care for patients. Direct Relief has sent them specifically requested medical material and medicines, including antibiotics, analgesics, and supplies valued at nearly $106,000 (wholesale). The doctors are traveling to Haiti via chartered plane, and will carry the medicines and supplies with them.

Christian Aid Ministries (CAM), which has supported the healthcare system in Haiti for more than 20 years, has also received a shipment of antibiotics, anesthesia, and medical supplies valued at more than $27,000 (wholesale) to accompany a team departing Saturday for Haiti. The materials will help supply a clinic in La Source and field clinics, depending on where the need is greatest.

CAM is also receiving a large shipment of medical material, valued at almost $1.8 million (wholesale), ranging from surgical instruments and exam gloves to personal care products and antibiotics. CAM will stage the material at its warehouse in Pennsylvania and send it to Haiti as logistics channels permit.

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