More than $16.3 Million in Medical Material Arrives at Direct Relief’s Haiti Warehouse


Haiti Earthquake 2010

Direct Relief staff in Haiti received this week more than 16 tons of medical material aid, which will be managed and allocated to partners through Direct Relief’s secure warehouse outside Port-au-Prince.

Valued at more than $16.3 million, the medical material includes a range of critically needed items, from surgical supplies and equipment to antibiotics and pain medications. With partner healthcare providers focused on caring for their many patients, Direct Relief’s expertise in inventory management provides invaluable support for their work. Direct Relief staff on the ground can carefully allocate aid to meet partners’ specific needs, saving them time and effort in processing and storing bulk shipments.

Direct Relief staff will be in Haiti for an extended period to receive, process, and deliver aid to our partners so they can continue to care for the many Haitians who have been injured in the quake. The secure warehouse is fully equipped to receive large shipments, with forklifts and a loading dock.

While news reports have indicated that aid delivery has been hampered into Haiti, Direct Relief has met this challenge through collaborations with corporate supporters and partner teams. Corporations like FedEx and Baxter have facilitated the delivery of large aid shipments to help resupply partners’ stocks, while many carefully tailored deliveries through trusted longtime partners have placed medical aid directly into the hands of healthcare providers caring for Haitians in need.

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