More Than $3.4 Million in Aid Sent to Haiti This Week

Direct Relief has sent more than $3.4 million (wholesale) in medical material aid to Haiti this week.

Hôpital Albert Schweitzer (HAS) is receiving more than $510,000 of medical aid it has specifically requested to help care for Haitians affected by the earthquake. Materials include wheelchairs, braces, antibiotics, and surgical supplies, among others. The hospital in Deschapelles, north of Port-au-Prince, has surgical and orthopedic wards, and it has been caring for large numbers of people injured in the earthquake.

To help supply other partners treating earthquake patients, Direct Relief has airlifted a shipment of more than $2.9 million (wholesale) in medical material to its secure warehouse in Port-au-Prince. The 53-pallet shipment includes valuable, needed items such as wheelchairs, wound-care supplies, analgesics, and antibiotics. Staff in Haiti is managing inventory there and delivering aid in quantities carefully tailored to partners’ needs. Having essential medical materials readily available allows healthcare providers to concentrate on their patients’ needs instead of spending valuable time managing supplies.

Care for people injured in the earthquake continues; as many Haitians are left homeless and the rainy season approaches, an increasing health concern is to prevent disease outbreaks in camps. People living in situations with compromised water and sanitation are at risk for diarrheal diseases and other conditions that can be life-threatening if not treated. As partners identify needs for patient care, Direct Relief continues to supply them with materials they need to provide care to vulnerable people.

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