Emergency Airlift to Indonesia to Help in Spate of Emergencies


Direct Relief is assembling an emergency air shipment to Indonesia following a spate of natural disasters, including a 7.7-magnitude earthquake and the subsequent tsunami, multiple volcanic eruptions, and major flooding that wiped out villages in West Papua. The consignment, valued at more than $464,000 (wholesale), includes a range of critically needed items, from amoxicillin to surgical instruments, and will support Muhammadiyah’s response efforts.

One of the largest national civic organizations in Indonesia, Muhammadiyah is simultaneously responding to the disasters, and immediately engaged Direct Relief with requests for assistance. Direct Relief has been assisting Muhammadiyah in supplying emergency medical camps and relief efforts since the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami.

According to news reports, flash floods have inundated Indonesia since October, killing and injuring hundreds and displacing thousands.  Indonesia’s Mount Merapi, the country’s most active volcano, has been spewing lava and ash for over a week.  Since the first eruption on October 26, the volcano has erupted three times, each eruption displacing the evacuated population of 70,000 further from home.

The 7.7-magnitude earthquake and subsequent tsunami has wrecked havoc on the Mentawai Islands. In response to the flooding in West Papua, Muhammadiyah is setting up a medical clinic to treat people on a long-term basis.  In response to the volcano eruptions, the organization is preparing rehabilitation and refugee centers for those who need shelter and aid. And, because of the difficulties associated with assessment in the Mentawais, Muhammadiyah is determining how it can best assist those in need.

Direct Relief will remain in close contact with our healthcare partners in Indonesia who are responding to these emergencies and will continue to provide aid as needed.

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