Partner in Batticaloa Establishing Medical Camps for Flood Affected People


Direct Relief has been in contact with the administrative officials at Batticaloa Hospital, who have indicated that medical aid is needed to support their response to the recent floods in Sri Lanka.

Following two weeks of heavy monsoon rains, the hospital reports that it is surrounded by flood waters and is sending teams of medical personnel to set up mobile medical clinics. The hospital is also seeing a large influx of additional patients.

“Our hospital is not very much affected by this flood disaster, but our staff is individually affected,” reports Dr. K. Muruganandan, the hospital’s director. “Mobile medical teams are referring patients to the hospital if they are severely injured, are pregnant women above 36 weeks of pregnancy, and children in need of special care. Patients are also presenting with snake bites and crocodile bites.”

Direct Relief is working with Batticaloa Hospital to identify most needed items to support their care for people affected by recent flooding.

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