Responding to Urgent Needs Following Flooding, Mudslides


Direct Relief’s emergency response team is sourcing aid for people in El Salvador, Guatemala, Nicaragua, and Honduras affected by heavy rains that have caused flooding and mudslides there, displacing thousands of people and killing 66. The team has been in contact with longtime partners in the region to determine specific needs and has authorized the use of pre-positioned emergency aid for this response.

FUSAL in El Salvador has requested specific items that Direct Relief is working to source from standing inventory to meet urgent needs of people evacuated from their homes or otherwise displaced. Needed items include personal hygiene products like soap, shampoo, toothpaste and toothbrush, sanitary napkins, disposable razors, and diapers for babies and adults.

FUSAL reports that 209 shelters have been opened on the national level in El Salvador to accommodate the almost 14,000 people who have been evacuated or otherwise displaced from their homes. The heavy rains are expected to continue through October 26; a national state of emergency was declared on October 14.

Direct Relief pre-positioned hurricane preparedness modules in El Salvador, Guatemala, Nicaragua, and Honduras earlier this year and has authorized the use of these emergency medical materials for the flood response. God’s Child Project in Guatemala and Project Global Village in Honduras will tap into these materials as needed. The modules include enough medical aid to treat approximately 5,000 people for a month; materials are tailored to treat conditions often seen in patients during hurricane- and flood-related emergencies.

Direct Relief will closely monitor the situation in Central America and support the response as needs are identified.

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