Direct Relief Sends Emergency Shipment to Illinois


In response to the continuing tornadoes and storms pounding the Midwest, Direct Relief USA has expanded its emergency outreach to 100 nonprofit community clinics in the affected areas and today shipped emergency medical supplies in response to a request from Community Health Ministry in Wamego, Kansas, which is serving more than 70 displaced families and individuals staying in shelters.

Two additional shipments are already enroute to assist Community Health and Emergency Services, Inc. (CHESI) in Cairo, Illinois and SEMO Health Network (SEMO) in New Madrid, Missouri. Fred Bernstein, CEO of CHESI reported that the recurring tornado warning sirens throughout the day were leaving people on edge and nervous. Both partner clinics requested tetanus vaccine for their patients as well as for the emergency responders handling the clean up.

The spate of tornadoes continued today, sweeping  through Indiana, Tennessee, Alabama, and Georgia, killing at least five people. While preparing emergency deliveries, Direct Relief is continuing to monitor the situation and is maintaining direct contact with nonprofit clinics in the affected areas, the emergency coordinator for the National Association of  Community Health Centers, and key staff at clinic statewide associations in the affected regions.

Direct Relief USA is the only nonprofit medical aid organization licensed to distribute pharmaceuticals in all 50 states, and is a Verified Accredited Wholesale Pharmacy through the National Association of Boards of Pharmacy, which sets stringent guidelines for handling pharmaceuticals.

Damon Taugher, Director of Direct Relief USA, said, “Our hearts go out to those who have been affected by this awful tragedy. Direct Relief has worked closely with partners in these communities over the past six years and we are thankful that the procedures we use every day allow us to assist at times like this when speed, precision, local contacts, and good information are needed.”

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