Volunteer Feature: Direct Relief Women


As part of National Volunteer Week, we are profiling some of our volunteers each day this week. Our story today focuses on Direct Relief Women.

The Santa Barbara-based Direct Relief Women has always come together with three goals in mind: to educate, engage and fundraise for Direct Relief.

Putting together small events or gatherings that allow for speakers related to Direct Relief to share firsthand their stories and work has been a wonderful educational tool for both Direct Relief supporters and the local community. Partners such as Dr. Harshad Sanghvi have spoken and educated about low cost tools for safe deliveries and Dr. Edna Adan, a nurse and midwife from Somaliland has spoken to groups about the enormous challenges women face in delivering babies in Sub-Saharan Africa.

Direct Relief Women also do a lot of hands on activities such as packing personal care packs or dental kits in our warehouse that go to clinics, or assisting doctors and patients at a Direct Relief sponsored free dental clinic.

They’ve also helped raise a lot of money through their annual Mother’s Day event that they organize and promote. Last year, Direct Relief Women raised over $100,000 to support the Maternal Child Health programs at Direct Relief.

Though their focus on issues related to maternal and child health, they are able to concentrate their efforts on a key issue for Direct Relief’s work and also an issue that is so close to the women’s own interests. They have made a huge impact on our organization, our programs and to the people who are able to receive better health because of what they do.

We salute you and profoundly thank this group of dedicated, talented and thoughtful women!

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