Partner Talk: Last Mile Health


Today Direct Relief partners Dr. Raj Panjabi and Agatha Sandy visited our headquarters to discuss their work with Last Mile Health, an organization in Liberia seeking to bring health care to the world’s remote villages by training local women, former patients, and refugees to be frontline health workers.

In the post-civil war country where 2/3 of the women were raped during the 15 years of war, only eight percent of women have access to skilled births and where there is an extreme shortage of doctors, Last Mile Health’s comprehensive care to those who otherwise wouldn’t have access and programs to empower women are especially important.

Last Mile Health piloted the first program in Liberia to treat children with pneumonia, an effort supported by Direct Relief.

In this 50 minute video, you’ll hear Dr. Panjabi and Agatha discuss the challenges they face in Liberia but also the incredible, powerful work they are doing to make a difference to people’s physical and emotional health which is slowly bringing change to the country.

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