Volunteer Spotlight: Knitted With Love


Two years ago, Margaret Haley received a message from Direct Relief requesting baby blankets and hats for newborns in Africa.

Not only are baby hats cute, which acts as an incentive for mothers in African and Haiti to come back to clinics for check ups after birth, but they also keep babies warm, compensating for heat loss through the head. Margaret decided to knit the hats because they are easy and quick to make, noting that “Using different colors also makes it fun!”

Since she began, Margaret has knitted more than 100 hats and continues to make more. She knits every evening while watching television and is glad that something she enjoys doing also helps others. “I hope the child (that receives one of my hats) has a happy life,” she said.

With her donations, they at least start with a healthy, warm life. Thank you, Margaret!

Giving is Good Medicine

You don't have to donate. That's why it's so extraordinary if you do.