Hurricane Sandy: NYC Pharmacy Access Update

Based on data imported from the RxResponse Pharmacy Status tool, conditions appear to have improved for most of the New York City area by Friday morning.

However, serious problems with pharmacy service availability (as reported earlier by Direct Relief)—most likely related to power outages and flooding—remain persistent throughout lower Manhattan.

Blue squares in the map above represent pharmacy locations known to be closed. Red triangles represent pharmacies known to be open. (Click on the map for a larger image.)

Many other locations are not reporting status and have not been represented here.

  1. Hi I am a nurse for 29 years. Please let me know if I can assist/volunteer my services in anyway to help people who are suffering from this storm. I am very frustrated with the Red Cross. ( they are difficult to contact). Also,, my pastor is going to Haiti next week and I am wondering if you have any suggestions on how we could provide vitamins/aspirin/Tylenol for the Haitian people.

    Thank you so much,


  2. Hi, Lisa,

    Thanks for your willingness to help those in need. We’ll keep an ear out for any of our clinic partners in need of nurse volunteers, but one organization you may want to try that we work with is World Cares Center, They are taking volunteers for Sandy relief.

    Regarding the medicines in Haiti, your question has been sent to one of our staff who may have suggestions for you. We will let you know his response as soon as it comes through.

  3. Hi, Lisa. Just got feedback for you – because we only send meds with licensed physicians, our team is not sure what the process is for others without a medical background. Hope you can find some answers soon!