Ellen DeGeneres to Edythe: What’s your secret?


Edythe Kirchmaier's 105th Birthday Celebration. Direct Relief International. Goleta, California. January 22, 2013. Photo: ©IsaacHernandez.com

“If I tell, it then it won’t be a secret!” That was Direct Relief’s beloved volunteer, Edythe Kirchmaier, in response to talk-show host Ellen DeGeneres trying to get to the bottom of how Edythe has made it to 105 years old.

Earlier this week, we celebrated Edythe’s birthday. The response has been tremendous and already thousands of people from across the U.S. and all over the world have wished her well, garnering appearances on Ellen and Access Hollywood and the attention of Jane Lynch and Nicholas Kristof, among many others.



For her birthday, Edythe wants to inspire others to make a difference, as she has, and is dedicating this year to helping raise awareness for the organization to which she’s devoted much of her life—Direct Relief.

To help fulfill Edythe’s wish to inspire others to make a difference and spread awareness about our mission, we launched a Facebook app called Edythe’s Birthday Challenge, which enables people to light a candle and wish Edythe a happy birthday when they “like” Direct Relief on Facebook.

Thousands of candles have been lit, but we still need help reaching Edythe’s goal of 105,000. While Edythe’s birthday week is coming to an end, we encourage you to share the Challenge: https://on.fb.me/T6lcEa.

Edythe is a terrific lady, and she’s an amazing example of a life dedicated to serving others. Below are recent videos of Edythe in action. Watch and be inspired by her story!

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