Evaluating Medical Needs After Tornado Hits Hattiesburg, Mississippi


Direct Relief quickly responded to a category F-4 tornado that struck Hattiesburg, Miss. on Feb. 10 by reaching out to its local partner network and connecting with a longtime partner, Southeast Mississippi Rural Health Initiative (SeMRHI), located in the city.

Pati Landrum, Director of Corporate Compliance for SeMRHI, reported on the conditions of both the city and their health center sites.  According to Ms. Landrum, there were 80 people injured, but thankfully, no fatalities. More than 200 homes were damaged or lost.

One of their clinic locations experienced damage, but considering the impact of this level of tornado, Ms. Landrum says she “counts ourselves very lucky.”

SeMRHI is working to evaluate what they need to assist their community in recovering from this devastating disaster. Direct Relief is maintaining communication with Ms. Landrum to evaluate how best Direct Relief can support both their clinic and patients in the following days and weeks.

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