Children Affected by Pakistan Earthquakes Receive Nutritional Aid


Direct Relief is working with its generous supporter Abbott to deliver a donation of essential nutritional products for children affected by two major earthquakes that destroyed villages and killed more than 600 people  in Baluchistan province in southwestern Pakistan.

Shipped directly from Abbott’s facility in Pakistan, the supplements will be used by Murshid Hospital and local partners to treat children who have been affected by the disaster.

More than 21,000 homes are damaged, leaving over 100,000 people homeless.  Survivors in the remote region are coping with high temperatures, exposure, and lack of drinking water during the hottest month of the year in Pakistan.  Abbott nutritional supplements will help treat and prevent malnutrition in families that lack access to sufficient nourishment.

Abbott Laboratories is a key disaster relief partner, often providing nutritional supplements for preparedness and response.  Disasters often cause an interruption in access to food, clean water, and medical care, resulting in increased occurrences of malnutrition and illnesses, especially in children.

Additional aid to Pakistan is scheduled, including an emergency air shipment leaving this week of essential antibiotics, IV solutions, nutritional supplements, and medical supplies.

For updates on this response, please  follow our Twitter account @DirectRelief.

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