Organizing Flood Relief Efforts in Mexico


Direct Relief staff are currently on the ground in Mexico to plan emergency response efforts along the eastern and western Mexican coastlines that were struck hard two weeks ago by nearly-simultaneous tropical storms.

The worst damage was in the west, in the mountains and valleys of the state of Guerrero – home to many of the poorest and most vulnerable communities in the country.

Since that time, historically hard rains have continued in many parts of Guerrero causing the flooding to worsen. Critical roadways have been cut off, including those around the major city of Acapulco. A number of impoverished communities are now isolated and more than 300 municipalities around the country have been designated disaster zones by the Mexican government.

Direct Relief’s Eduardo Mendoza and one of our professional volunteers from GlaxoSmithKline, Ana Pasillas, spent the bulk of Monday meeting with high-ranking officials in the Mexican Navy to understand the situation and determine the best available course of action.

In Mexico, the Navy often leads logistical responsibilities for bringing aid to those in need, particularly for coastal regions.

Tomorrow, Eduardo and Ana will be joining Mexican naval personnel once again for overflight assessments of the heaviest flooding. In consultation with the state of Guerrero’s Secretary of Health and the Secretary of Civil Protection, they will be prioritizing medical needs and initiating the flow of medical assistance.

With support from our corporate medical suppliers and collaboration with the Mexican authorities, Direct Relief very soon hopes to meet the critical needs of communities affected by flooding throughout the state of Guerrero. Please continue to visit our blog for updates regarding this response.

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